ClubView introduces real-time financial reporting
    across Leagues for the first time, setting
    new standards of financial governance, whilst
    empowering clubs to optimise their financial

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  • Protecting
    the pyramid
    in Europe as
    well as the

    Stronger governance
    and better financial
    reporting by Leagues
    can help.

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    Leagues and Associations collect a limited range of financial information from their clubs.

    This information is often retrospective and offers little back to the clubs to actually use in their day-to-day financial management. Instead the data is used for annual reporting or benchmarking.

    This means Leagues only become aware of financial issues at a club when it is too late, and clubs do not benefit from a full understanding of how they are performing against their peers in real-time - preventing actionable decisions which would enhance sustainability.

  • Our Solution

    The ClubView platform gives Leagues a central dashboard showing up-to-date financial metrics across their clubs, and identifies financial trends across their divisions.

    Clubs benefit from real-time reporting and benchmarking, anonymised between clubs to ensure commercial confidentiality, but allowing them to take appropriate action to increase revenue streams and decrease cost bases which are unsustainable.

    Our Solution