ClubView empowers senior football stakeholders to optimise the financial performance of their club.

    Our mission
  • Centralised governance and reporting for Leagues

    We work collaboratively with leagues and their member clubs to ensure the best possible solution for their needs.

    We offer a wealth of experience across football, technology and data science and offer the industry leading financial reporting platform and forecasting powered by our ClubView xR data modelling.

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    Centralised governance and reporting for Leagues
For Football Clubs and Leagues
Integrated Reporting, KPI Performance, Forecasting and Cost Tracking for clubs
  • ✔️ Real-time financial reporting. predictions and insights
  • ✔️ Transactional and Finance system integrations
  • ✔️ Predict club revenues using ClubView xR (Expected Revenue) AI model based on historic transactions and stadium attendance
For Football Clubs and Leagues
Centralised Reporting, Benchmarking, Governance and Forecasting for leagues
  • ✔️ Centralised enhanced reporting portal for all member clubs
  • ✔️ Consistent reporting delivering meaningful insights and benchmarks
  • ✔️ Centralised governance tool based on club data via portal enabling Leagues to calculate levies and identify financial risk

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