ClubView is the first tech product
    to focus purely on football
    finance for leagues and clubs,
    monitoring financial health in
    real-time and enabling financial
    governance reform.

  • “It tracks the finances
    of the whole business,
    not just with the players’
    salary cap - and it lets you
    know on a daily, weekly
    or monthly basis exactly
    where you are”

    Sunday People, 22 Nov 2020

Our product is built collaboratively with Leagues or Associations and their member clubs to ensure the best possible reporting solution for their needs. We build bespoke solutions for each client, to ensure the platform will benefit both the League themselves and, crucially, all of their clubs.

We work on a 3 step process to develop each client’s financial intelligence capabilities:


Our team offers a wealth of experience across football, technology and data science to deliver the ClubView product.

We recognise the issues faced across the sport, and ClubView has been developed to bring high level financial intelligence technology into the game at all professional levels. Whilst priced affordably for clubs, it is geared to make sustainable governance and financial reporting improvement across football. We can only do this when partnering with Leagues and Associations.


Centralised Reporting, Benchmarking, Governance and Forecasting for leagues
  • ✔️ Centralised reporting portal for all member clubs, offering enhanced reporting
  • ✔️ Centralised governance tool using data input portal for club’s to enter required details and Leagues to calculate levies and identify financial danger points
  • ✔️ Consistent reporting delivering meaningful insights and benchmarks
  • ✔️ Predict league revenues and attendances using ClubView xR (Expected Revenue) AI model based on historic transactions and stadium attendance
  • ✔️ Identify and set key target ranges for each benchmark for member clubs
  • ✔️ Offer improved technology and make AI accessible for member clubs
  • ✔️ Bespoke reporting and AI models for each league
  • ✔️ Collaborative ClubView license buying power on behalf of member clubs

To arrange a product demonstration and to discuss how we could help your League or Association, please CONTACT US.

Listen to Matt Everett talk with the BBC about ClubView – 10mins

  • Josh - CTO

    This is Josh our CTO, one of the award-winning and committed team members who is building the product.

    Meet Josh ClubView Team
    Josh - CTO