Bespoke Data Solutions

Our extensive industry data and product experience means we are well placed to undertake bespoke data projects according to your requirements.

We can offer system integrations, data collection direct from clubs, and accurate and relevant financial reporting for governance purposes. We allow leagues to monitor financial health in real-time, enabling financial governance reform.

We have already developed and demonstrated modules built specifically to monitor club budgets and forecast, balance sheet reporting and salary cap management in addition to our benchmarking data.

Easy to Integrate

We can fit into your existing system infrastructure, allowing you to unlock the wealth of data that you hold already, in addition to collecting further relevant information directly from clubs.

Our platform allows an audit trail of submitted data, as well as independent data processing and standardisation allowing better financial management.

We can work with your existing data sets to make data science accessible to all of your clubs.

In working with leagues, we ensure an economic low cost per club, whilst ensuring all clubs benefit from our system.